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Free tools and resources for entrepreneurs | Business loans

First years in business are always a challenge. Positive is that there are plenty of quality innovative free tools that can be of use to you. But finding them can be a challenge – the internet is full of ads and suggestions with paid programs. And you’ve probably used most of the budget to finance business growth. . That’s why we have set ourselves the task of finding the most useful free tools and resources for entrepreneurs.

Here are the tools that came to our list:

Learning and business growth

Learning and business growth


You may have heard about the Courser platform, but we think it should list. Free online lessons from over 80 of the best universities and organizations.

Grow with Google

Grow with Google offers free training and tools to help you improve your skills, career and business. It can be an excellent source of a better understanding of the digital market or provide training on how to expand abroad.

Google Trends

Google Trends analyzes the popularity of Google’s top searches across different countries and languages. This website uses graphs to compare the number of searches for different queries over time, helping to spread the amazing story of your products or services.

Google for startups

Google for Startups provides a list of truly useful tools and best practices to guide entrepreneurs on the right track.


Meetup is a service that brings together online groups and hosts meetings of people with similar interests. Browse nearby groups to see if you could meet local business people, discuss your strategies, and share success stories.


Medium is an online blogging platform, a place where words matter, where readers can look into the minds of the world’s brightest writers, thinkers and narrators from around the world to learn more about their achievements and the way they face the challenges.


Run a business and not be distracted

Cold Turkey

Get rid of distracting things by temporarily isolating them from disruptive websites.


Trello is a great tool for project and task management. It uses flexible message boards that can be shared and allows you to put lots of detail on each card.


Free tools to support marketing efforts

Free tools to support marketing efforts


Their Free Plan was created especially for start-ups who want to expand their customer portfolio through email campaigns. MailChimp contains the basic propriets you need to get started with marketing. 7Free plan includes up to 2,000 contacts and 10,000 emails per month with a daily limit of 2,000.

Google My Business

With this service, you can create and manage your company’s free profile on Google My for free. Helps you get in touch and engage with nearby customers through Google search and Google maps.

Facebook for Business

Visit Facebook for Business for updates, tips, and best practices to help you achieve your business goals.


Create amazing designs with your team with this online tool. It includes a really simple drag-and-drop function and suggestions for creating, sharing and printing business cards, logos or presentations.


Pixlr is a very useful free online photo editing tool. You can add effects, filters, layers, and many other professional tweaks to make your photos unique.

We’ll be happy to let you know about the free tools you think are the most useful and how you use them. 

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