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Good Finance Monthly 7 Loan

With the new Good Finance Monthly 7 Loan, you can claim up to $ 1.5 million with 7% APR for free use. This article will tell you what the terms of the discount offer are and whether we can find a better deal on personal loans.

Terms and Conditions of Good Finance Monthly Loan 7

Terms and Conditions of Good Finance Monthly Loan 7

  • At least 18 years of age,

  • declared Hungarian address,

  • monthly net income of HUF 250,000,

  • own or jointly owned retail bank account.

The biggest change compared to Good Finance’s products is the expected monthly net income. For example, the Maxi loan is also the highest amount that can be claimed, but the expected income is only $ 100,000.

More details:

  • The promotion runs until September 2, 2019 – an application must be submitted by now.

  • The amount of credit you can apply for is between $ 1,200,000 and $ 1,500,000.

  • Duration: 3 years (36 months).

  • Interest: 6.81%.

  • THM: 7.0%.

  • Guaranteed and unsecured.

  • It’s free to use, so we can spend it on whatever we want.

  • There is no exchange rate or interest rate risk.

  • It has a fixed interest rate, so the installments are unchanged throughout the term (only the last installment differs).

  • Prepayment is always free of charge.

  • You can arrange a monthly installment by bank transfer or, if you prefer, use the Good Finance Home Service.

Documents required for applying


The application requires the following documents and certificates:

  • identity document: this may be a valid identity card, driving license or passport,

  • valid address card,

  • employer’s income certificate,

  • pensioners must present their pension voucher,

  • entrepreneurs and primary producers must present a certificate of income issued by the NAV.

In no case shall the income statement be less than 30 days old.

7 Month Loan: Is This Really The Best Deal?

7 Month Loan: Is This Really The Best Deal?

We have used the Personal Loan Calculator to help you answer this question. With a loan amount of one and a half million for a 36-month maturity, we really can’t find a better deal than Good Finance’s new offer.

The monthly repayment installment is HUF 46,185 and the total repayment amount is HUF 1,662,660. Under the same terms, we can claim a E-cash Advance Personal Loan with an APR of 8.17 percent: the monthly repayment installment is $ 46,920 and the total repayment amount is $ 1,689,120. The personal loan from E-Bank Fair Plus is also favorable, with a APR of 7.97%, a monthly installment of HUF 46,341 (from the second month) and a total repayment of HUF 1,691,384.

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