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Special Good Finance 7% Fast Loan

Good Finance offers its customers a short-term, discounted instant mortgage. The main feature of the new special offer is the simple demand and the low APR of only 7 percent. We’ve summarized the details of a discounted Good Finance quick loan and compared it to other quick loan deals.

Good Finance 7% Fast Loan Features

Good Finance 7% Fast Loan Features

The Good Finance soft loan has been available since April 30, to help those in need of a small loan in the short term. Let’s look at its most important features:

  • The amount of credit you can apply for is between $ 50,000 and $ 200,000.

  • Duration: 12 weeks.

  • Transaction rate: 6.80 percent.

  • THM: 7.00 percent.

  • Guaranteed and unsecured.

  • Free to use.

  • It has a fixed interest rate, so you have to pay the same amount throughout.

  • You do not have to pay a disbursement fee.

  • Disbursements and repayments will be made by wire transfer unless you use the Good Finance Home Service.

Let’s see how much the promotional loan costs! If you add $ 200,000 for 12 weeks, your APR will be 7 percent, your weekly installment will be $ 16,808, and your total repayment amount will be $ 201,696. So, if you do not use Good Finance’s extra services, the loan itself will cost you $ 1,696 in total.

Simultaneously with the launch of the new 12-week loan, the 42-week instant loan has been discontinued and has not been available since April 30.

Do you have a look at other Good Finance deals? On this page you will find all the important information about the terms and conditions and how to apply.

Terms and conditions of the 7% loan

Good Finance lays down conditions for applying loosely with most banks, which is true for the new offer. Applying for just one month’s employment is sufficient, so you can get a loan during the trial period, and there is no minimum income requirement.

Additional terms:

  • presentation of an identity document (identity card, passport or driving license),

  • address card,

  • Presentation of an income certificate not older than 30 days.

Don’t have a bank account? Not a problem!

If you do not have a bank account and do not plan to open one, you will not lose your credit as you can deal with Good Finance at home. If you also use the Home Service , you do not have to go to the bank, but the staff at the financial institution will contact you and bring the requested loan in cash. The same is true with repayment, so you can comfortably manage everything from home.

The only disadvantage of Home Service is that it significantly increases the cost of the loan: it costs $ 39,600 over a 12-week term, increasing the weekly installment to $ 20,110 and the total repayment amount to $ 241,300.

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